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Refrigerant Filling onboard:

Ever wondered what your second engineer does with your refrigeration plant? With a special spanner? 
Yes. Refrigerant charging.! Have this quick and short step-by-step guide for refrigerant charging.

One day you might have to fill some refrigerant just before the Lunch break. Read on. 

Liquid refrigerant charging is done through a liquid charging valve at the high-pressure side.
as it is the faster method.

And this refrigerant charging valve is located at the bottom of the drier connection.
check the Basics of a refrigeration diagram for an easy understanding.

Basic Refrigeration diagram showing a filling valve.
Basic Refrigeration diagram showing a filling valve.

Refrigerant filling is a simple process and easy to understand.

3 Things to keep in mind-

1 Initial purging into recovery bottle ( since there shouldn't be any air in the refrigerant line)

2. Collecting all the refrigerant  into the receiver

3. Letting the compressor suck out the fresh refrigerant from the refrigerant bottle to the system. And pump it to the condenser

If you keep these simple steps in mind, it's impossible to forget.

Liquid refrigerant filling - Onboard.

Refrigerant filling onboard steps

Refrigeration Filling is another evergreen question that one should always have the answer inside.
steps are as follows:

1. Shutoff receiver outlet valve

By doing this all the refrigerant is collected in the receiver and finally, compressor cuts off in LP 

2. Pump down the entire refrigerant into the receiver

3.Weigh the Refrigerant bottle 

4. Purging out the refrigerant

Connect the outlet of the refrigerant bottle to the purge bottle/recovery bottle

since air should not let in and it also causes Ozone depletion.

5. Shut the valve to the recovery bottle 

When frosting appears in the recovery bottle valve, its the indication that all the air in the line has moved out.

6. Fully Open the filing connection to the drier.

At this moment, the refrigerant starts flowing into the system and the suction pressure starts to increase and compressor cuts in.

7. Charge till the required amount 

Bonus info:
Ideally, charge till the bottom of the condenser sight glass. 

As if the condenser is full of liquid refrigerant, then there is no space for the vapor refrigerant to condense inside the condenser which comes from the compressor.

if your system has a receiver unit then, then even if you fill your receiver fully, there is no problem.

8. Shut the refrigeration filling valve connections

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Infographics on refrigeration filling:

Refrigeration filling step by step infographics

Everything you need to know about refrigerant filling:

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All we had was the passion for teaching.
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Refrigeration Filling Explained

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