3 Big differences between Purifier and a Clarifier | Series and parallel

The main difference between clarifier and purifier is as follows and It's better to answer the main purpose of the clarifier first which is to separate finer solid impurities from the oil. then starting with the difference in the individual parts


1.No gravity disk
2. Water outlet sealed
3.Bottom disk with no holes (Blind disk) [to increase the surface area of disks]
4.Sealing water not required
5.Only clean oil Outlet


It can separate contaminants like water and solid impurities from liquids having different densities.
like sludge, water, aluminum. up to certain limits.

1.Gravity disc on top 
2.Sealing water is required
3.Water outlet and Clean oil Outlet
4.Removes water + Suspended solids

Purifier and clarifier Comparison chart
PIC: Purifier and clarifier Comparison chart

How to change your Purifier to a clarifier?

3 Easy to remember Steps

1. Place the blind disc at the bottom of the disc stack.
2. Block the water outlet by a seal on the gravity disc.
3. Shut the sealing water inlet line.

The bottom part of the hole is covered to increase the surface area in order to let all the oil pass along with the slanted surface of the disk stacks or else it will just take a short cut through the holes and the surface area outside of the disk stacks are not utilized this is to improve the efficiency. 
It will still work as a clarifier even if we don't take this step.

purifier and clarifier difference
PIC: Need for clarifier

A clarifier works as a backup system if one feels that the purifier didn't remove all the dissolved solids so that the fuel injector and fuel plunger won't get affected

A quick overview of the general arrangement

For better cleaning purpose the purifiers on board can be arranged in both series and parallel way

Parallel arrangement

Purifier and clarifier with 50% capacity reduction

purifier and clarifier arraged in parallel
PIC: 2 Purifiers from settling tank to service tank

Series arrangement

The purified oil is given to Clarifier for further removal of solids

centrifuges arranged in series
PIC: A simplified arrangement showing purifier with a clarifier


Even though there are questions and discussions regarding clarifier, some CE says that they have never used clarifier in series. Comment down your experience with a clarifier.

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