4 Important Non return Valves in any Fresh Water Generator

Where can I find non-return Valves in a Fresh Water Generator ? and how many of them are there?

Another most asked question in the olden days.

4. There are 4 non-return valves present in a freshwater generator.

here you can find it.

1.Before Air ejector  (swing check valve)
2.Before Brine Ejector  (swing check valve)
3.After Distillate pump  (swing check valve)
4.And of course, Overboard Valve  (swing check valve/check valve with spring)
5.It could be also present in the chemical injection unit line. (check valve with spring)

Note: The type of check valve is not important for examination purposes.

See the attached diagram for better understanding.

PIC: Diagram Showing location and number of non-return Valves in A Fresh Water Generator 
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