The Parts Of A Air Compressor Valve And Quick Overhaul.

Lets do Overhauling Of air compressor valves

You might be confused With Suction and delivery valves

Not anymore. Lets open it up

AIr compressor valves overhaul

Pro tip:

1) the thing you should always keep in mind is that the stud is always in an upward condition
or else it will hit the piston.


if the valve lid is on the bottom and if it opens upwards,  against the springs, then its a delivery valve.

if the Valve lid is on the top and it opens downwards for taking the suction → Suction valve

Suction Valve image: click here
Delivery valve image: click here

(valve lid is the one which seals the air. just like the valve lid on the valves)
now, from here on its easier to overhaul a delivery valve

for the people who are still confused,

just consider this and forget everything else (for the time being)

in a delivery valve there are only 3 parts 

  1. Buffer plate
  2. Springs or spring plates
  3. valve lid (which closes the opening or seals/ some times these are called valve plate)
And now for accommodating all these three,
 there is a valve seat at the bottom and a nut on top which sandwiches these things to the valve seat.

for overhauling theses take out these in order. That's it

For Lapping Purpose take the lid and lap it in the figure of 8 for uniform lapping (cliche dialogue) and put diesel from the top to check the leakage.

And if its found leaky, congratulations.!, you can lap it again. (more time pass.) [you got the point]

Bonus info: Carborandum 500 is coarser.
                     Carborandum 200 is finer.

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