The tiny lubrication path in our Air Compressor!

How the air compressor is lubricated.? 


Lubricator? is that even installed on my air compressor?

let's dive into this intro less topic. straight away.

where do we plug the Lub oil pipe onto the piston? 
( to the piston which is moving !!?)

If you too had this thought while walking around the engine room/or while taking a shower, you are a bit awesome. read on.

without much decoration, let me give this to you.

PIC: Lube oil Flow for a typical v type air compressor.


In a tandem type air compressor, we have got "one gudgeon pin" and "two pistons"

PIC: A Tandem Type Air compressor.

First stage liner Cannot be lubricated by squeezing oil through the gudgeon pin.
It's done by lubricator (a separate gear pump or a plunger pump arrangement).

Video: Lubricator For Main Air Compressor: How To Adjust Feed Rate
Credits: Devanand Sir

Just like quills, a groove arrangement is given to the liner

Comment down: how your generator is lubricated.

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