Question: My relief Valve Lifts.!

Relief valve Lifts.!?
say no more.

Pic: Relief valves are located in between the delivery valve and the cooler

Things to check for: If 1st stage relief Valve Lifts.

1. If the second stage suction valve is leakyHigh-pressure air from the second stage leaks through the suction valve and acts on to the first stage relief valve and what happens next? yes. the relief valve lifts.!!

2. If the Second stage suction valve is stuck in the closed position then there is an accumulation of air from the first stage which keeps on building up and finally lifts up the first stage relief valve.!

4.water inside the compression chamber if there is a cylinder crack
5.Relief valve's spring malfunctioning. and thus lifts at a lesser pressure
6.intercooler chocked (comment below: how intercooler gets chocked.?)

Bonus Info:

  • Overhauling second stage discharge valve will ensure no pressure accumulation in the second stage
  • As long as the second stage suction is holding, then first stage relief valve will never lift.

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