Checking Performance Of your Compressor | Old school method

Okay here you go:

How to check the Efficiency/ performance of our Air compressor


How To be an alpha male when it comes to Air compressors.

check the followings given below:
  1. Time taken to fill the air bottle (universal method)
  2. No-load amps of the motor (Drain/Unloader in open condition) + lube oil pressure
  3. Normal working amps + pressure at both the stages+ Lube oil Pressure
  4. Time taken from cut-off from cut-in pressure
I have seen some corporate videos where they used to say that they have saved 3 to 4 lakhs just by plugging after doing some leakage tests.

When it comes to a 30KW Air compressor, it Is our job to keep that machinery well polished.

we ("Engineers") could easily save 2 to 3 lakhs for our company if we make sure that our valves are not leaky and if well maintained. Or even if you start your own industry after 5 years.

  1. Check master drain valve whether the oil is present or not
  2. Sound and vibration up to a certain level
  3. Intercooler, aftercooler outlet temperature should not be high.
  4. Oily air mixture should not come out from the breather pipe
  5. Low Lube oil consumption
  6. No escape of air from the suction filter

Please note it has been seen that efficiency was found to be better while sailing at lower room temperature.

Comment Down How much is your Air compressor's consumption.

Without much effort, we can save 3 to 4 lakhs for our company. A simple Energy efficiency help from your side. big deal right?

Video review about Air compressor efficiency checks.

They kept on saying about pressure setting optimization too. 

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