Air Compressor Capacity Requirements

Capacity Requirements

1.) minimum 2 or more compressors 

2.) Sufficient capacity to charge air receivers

within 1 hr from atmospheric pressure to full pressure
- 6 kicks to non-reversible engines
-12 kicks to reversible engines

3.) one air compressor and receiver for dead ship condition

4.) two compressors running together could fill up both bottles in 1 hour from 1 bar to full 

Bonus info:

mountings on Main Air Bottle

  • Drain Valve (safety device)
  • Low Air Pressure alarm (safety device)
  • Atmospheric Relief Valve (safety device)
  • Fusible plug (safety device)
  • Main starting air valve
  •  auxiliary starting air valve 
  • service air filling valve
  • compensating rings
  • spring-loaded safety 
  • valve fusible plug
  • atmospheric relief valve

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